I’ve found a lot of tutorials online (thank you, WordPress community) about custom taxonomies and I’ve determined that they will work for my portfolio. In fact, I’ve created four different taxonomies for my content, including this post.

Here are the wonderful tutorials I’ve used (in conjunction with the codex):

Taking Custom Taxonomies to the Next Level by wp Tuts

A Guide to WordPress Custom Taxonomy by Six Revisions

I’ve also used a plugin called Taxonomy Creator, which has sped up the process of creating the taxonomies—however, I’m glad that I went through the tutorials so that I could understand more about how the code works.

Custom Post Types

My next step is to investigate whether custom post types make sense to use in conjunction with custom taxonomies. My main goal for all of this is to learn more about WordPress, but my secondary goal is to use all this categorization to organize my portfolio by the work I’ve done and want to do.

I start with Justin Tadlock, who is great about providing help to non-programmers like me without getting impatient or smart-alecky. He wrote Custom Post Types in WordPress, and my immediate takeaway was to stop thinking about “post” as in blog post and start thinking that this tool is really about types of content. This site was also helpful and reminded me to keep in mind, always, that primarily WordPress is a database system. The tutorials that are most helpful to me tend to talk in those terms rather than in “blogger” terms.

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