avatarcrossarmsYesterday I delivered my webinar for Digital Literacy, and because of some technology glitches, I did not accomplish all that I wanted to in that forum. Luckily, I can make up for it with a better effort that I have more control over, so that will be posted here.

For the webinar, we used Adobe Connect and although I have used it many times before, I have never tried to share a screen. When my instructor and I tested it ahead of time, it worked just fine. Alas, when we had my colleagues online, too, it did not work at all and I stumbled through static PowerPoint slides. Static slides are not what really fires up an audience!

So for this entry, I will do things a little differently. What I will try first is to create small videos using Screenr and insert them into my PPT slides and then record narration based on the notes I created for the webinar. Then I will upload it to AuthorStream and embed it here.

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