This section of my website is devoted to my professional (learning) portfolio, and so to set it up I needed to do some thinking and learning. I’m comfortable with WordPress, but I am not a programmer; I needed to figure out how to make the site do what I wanted to do, and that means I need to learn more about WordPress.
Thus, one of my goals is to delve more into the inner workings of WordPress, and luckily for me there are a whole lot of resources and tutorials out there. Last night, I spent about two hours on this question:
How can I set up sections of my PLP organized around particular subjects or goals so that I can blog about my ongoing learning experiences while also showing the projects I have or am working on as examples of the outcomes of that learning?
I started investigating WordPress page templates, but I quickly discerned that category templates would work better. That way, I create posts and identify them with categories. The menu at the left on all pages shows the list of categories, and by clicking on the menu it will show only those posts that are in that category. Sounds perfect!
However, my next step is to do some programming. What I would like to do is, for instance, is make a category like this one, WordPress Help, and not only be able to show posts like this one but also show links to specific projects or outcomes associated with that category. This means that I will need to create category templates so that when the category is displayed, the page has specific elements for that category that are different from elements for other categories. And, for my own sake, without hard coding html.
Obviously a trickier step, and one I need to investigate more. For instance, I need to determine whether some of these questions are helpful:
  • does a category template allow different, non-hard coded elements on its page?
  • does a category template allow different sidebar widgets?
  • can links somehow be coded with the categories so that they show up on only that category page?
  • can tagging help with some of this sorting?

And a big question is also, how can I set up a process so that this organization doesn’t get way out of hand?

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